Welcome!  My name is Angelo Arias.

I graduated from UC Davis in Pharmacology / Toxicology; I am also an orchestral violinist, and a goaltender in ice hockey.

My current career interest is biotechnology, specifically the interface between science and its immediate environments.  Science is advancing in never-before-seen leaps and bounds, and scientists need to be at the forefront of understanding.  Communicating scientific ideas to all audiences, scientific and non-scientific, should be implicit in our mandate.

My diversity of experiences has allowed me unique insights into the things I do.  As I hone my skills in science, music, and athletics, I find while the specific skills are diverse, many qualities are retained as I move my mind between and through each medium.  It’s fascinating to notice the similarities between troubleshooting a DNA purification, learning a tricky passage in an orchestra part, and coaching a young goalie how to play breakaways.

I value the ability to interact with others who possess alternative vantage points and skill sets, as it strengthens my own perceptions.  I seek employment in an environment that will allow me to cross a variety of related disciplines.

Thank you for visiting.  Never stop learning!

Update (10/24/11):


“How do you know whether to stay put or move on? Settle down or explore? Hold or fold? Questions of stability versus mobility lie at the root of life’s most fascinating dilemmas.

We all know the excitement and the uneasiness that attend fundamental life change. Change is a source of anxiety for stockbrokers and of joy and trepidation for nearly finished graduate students.”

The Ultimate Guide To Hockey Goalie Gear is now available! Preview and purchase it here:


I’m not only a contributor, but a model in the book as well!

9/7/11: La Jolla Symphony’s conductor and fearless leader, Steven Shick, featured in the NY Times:


Update (8/28/11):

If you are interested in violin lessons and / or tutoring in mathematics / science, please visit my new teaching website!


Update (8/13/11):

Scooter Vaughan, former Michigan Wolverine, tipping my shots at WHL prospect Frederic Beaulieu, at Goalie Gauntlet August 12, 2011.  Probably the coolest moment to date for my hockey career; Vaughan is a Sharks prospect.  He kept telling me to shoot harder directly at him so he could tip shots toward Beaulieu.  (Photo credit M. Hsu.)

Trying to shoot hard enough at future NHLers!

Update (7/6/11): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21725368